WCHM Summer Course

We are proud to announce the first Wellington College Harkness Maths Summer Course, which will run Tuesday 4th July – Wednesday 5th July 2017, in conjunction with the Wellington College Teaching Schools Partnership.

The course is taught directly from our own Harkness Resources, focuses directly on the application of the Harkness method to the UK curriculum, and offers opportunities for staff to see both how our resources can be used in a classroom environment and how to create and administer a Harkness course within your own school.

Harkness teaching centres on promoting independent learning and building problem-solving skills. Teachers participating in the course will gain insight into how resources can be used to help students develop as independent learners.

Flexible structure

The course has been structured to allow teachers with a wide range of experience to benefit. A core part of understanding our resources is to participate in a class using them. For less-experienced teachers, this is a great way to build subject knowledge and to see different approaches to familiar topics. A variety of these Subject Knowledge Enhancement courses will be on offer during the course. Less-experienced teachers, or those new to teaching A-level, may want to include several SKE classes when choosing courses.

We are also offering classes where more experienced teachers can discuss different question styles and guidance on how to write resources that deliver content in a stimulating and challenging way.

Learn more about the course structure and classes here.

An immersive course

We are delighted to be able to offer overnight accommodation as part of the course. Discussion and homework are both key elements of Harkness teaching; we hope that you will continue to talk through the subject well into the evening as you tackle preparatory material from the coursebook.

Learn more about how we started here.

Learn by doing

The course is hands-on throughout. We don’t teach by delivering lectures to our students, so we don’t teach by delivering lectures to our colleagues. Just as we teach our A-level course by a series of structured tasks designed to promote understanding, so too is the WCHM Summer Course taught.

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