WCHM SKE Courses

This year we have offered six SKE (subject knowledge enhancement) courses through the Wellington College Teaching Schools Partnership.

Focusing on discussing subject knowledge, approaches to teaching, and key mathematical understanding behind the topic discussed, these courses have received excellent feedback from participants this year. The courses are designed to provide teaching ideas which aim to enhance pupils’ understanding of the topics and develop their problem-solving skills They are aimed at A-Level Maths teachers – both existing Maths teachers looking for new ideas and alternative approaches, and those new or aspiring to teaching A-Level Maths.

The format of our SKE courses forms the basis of the Type 1 courses on our two-day summer course.

There is still time to book for our Mechanics course, being offered in June 2017.

SKE Courses offered 2016-17

Feedback on our SKE courses

“Thank you. Best inset by a distance.”