Since 2014, we have been working on developing a brand new set of resources to use with our Sixth Form classes. We are happy to share them freely; samples are available here: just click on the images below.

If you would like full versions, we are happy to share them with other schools. There is also a teacher guide that accompanies the books, and a version that has only one question printed on each page which makes it easier for teachers and students to work on inkable devices such as Microsoft Surfaces or Apple iPads.

We currently have courses for C1-C4 for Further Mathematicians, and a slightly more gentle version for single mathematicians that spreads the teaching across two teachers. We are also in the process of creating a two-year mechanics course based on the Edexcel’s M1-M3 modules.¬†All of these course will be adapted for linear teaching in 2017.

We are currently planning courses for Further Pure maths and IB Maths Studies. We are also currently developing resources for our Year 9 students, which we hope to make available in Summer 2018.

If you would like to learn more about the Harkness teaching method, or how we are applying it in our classrooms, please get in touch. We often host visitors.

C1/C2 Coursebook (Further Maths Version)
C1 C2 Coursebook Sample

C3/C4 Coursebook (Further Maths Version)
C3-C4 Coursebook Sample

For full versions, please email Aidan Sproat, Head of Mathematics.
You can contact him via the College’s general enquiries address: